Polish & Manage Documents

This part of your Nisus Writer Express documentation contains information that helps you manage and fine tune documents. It also gives you some ideas on how to use Nisus Writer Express effectively.

While you are in the process of writing, and especially once you have written a complete draft of your document you will probably want to take a closer look at different portions of it. The various ways to do this are highlighted in “View and Work in Documents” and “Move Around in Your Documents”. “Proof Documents” deals with checking your spelling. “Find and Replace Text and Formatting” explains the details of Nisus Writer Express’s unmatched find/replace tools. “Work with Multiple Documents” shows you how to keep track of open Nisus Writer Express documents. In addition you see how Nisus Writer Express handles working with multiple windows (and multiple monitors) as well as automatically merging the contents of one document with another. When you are satisfied with the contents and appearance of your document, “Print Documents” explains how to transfer what you have written from electronic form to paper.

View and Work in Documents 247

Views, Tabs, Sidebars, Splits & Focus 247

Views 248

Zoom In or Zoom Out 254

Focus on Your Writing 256

Typewriter Scrolling 257

Move Around in Your Documents 258

Proof Documents 261

Check Spelling 262

User Dictionaries 269

Use the Nisus Thesaurus 269

Use Multiple Language Dictionaries 272

Hyphenate your text 272

Word counts & text statistics 278

Paginate, Sort and More 286

Pagination 288

Alphabetize (Sort) Paragraphs 294

Special Formatting Tools 294

Clean Up Documents 303

Find and Replace Text and Formatting 305

Normal Find 306

PowerFind 314

PowerFind Pro 334

Use the Formatting Examiner 342

Work with Multiple Documents 343

Print Documents 345

PDF Export 349

Create a PostScript file 349

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View and Work in Documents