Use Comments

A quick intro to comments 489

The Comments Interface 490

The Comments commands on the Tools menu 490

Comments tools on the Toolbar 491

The Comments Sidebar 491

The Comment windoid 495

The Comment icon in the margin 496

Comment related tags on the Status Bar 497

Remove comments 497

Copy and paste commented text 497

Move to and from comments 497

Select the next or previous comment in your document 497

Collapse or expand the comments in your document 498

Hide and show, or turn off and on the display of all the comments 498

Receiving commented files from others 509

Add your comments to the comments of others 510

Review threaded comment conversations 510

Display comments of a particular “author” 511

Create your own Comment style for your Nisus New File 511

Select text and count words in all comments 511

Export comments 511

Use comments as a “hidden text” feature 512

Nisus Writer Pro enables you to add comments to your document. When you share these documents with others, they can read your comments and/or add their own. Comments can be shown whenever you are in Draft View, Page View or Full Screen view but not in Style Sheet view.

You can print your documents with the comments visible so you can read all the comments on paper (or in a PDF version of your file). You can export your comments to a new document. With this capability you can maintain a timely journal then collect your thoughts in a new document for use elsewhere.

Some features of Comments apply equally as well to the use of Tracked Changes (explained in the section: “Track Changes“ beginning on page 513). When discussing them both, the terms ”annotations” and/or “ancillary content” are used.

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A quick intro to comments