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NOTE: this software is for Classic Mac OS (eg: OS 9) and cannot be used on Mac OS X.
Nisus Writer Classic is no longer for sale. This page is only for archival purposes.

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System 7.5/7.6, 8, 9.x, OS X

Edit text in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Judaezmo, Russian, Persian and/or Arabic (even Japanese, Chinese and Korean)... Globe all in the same document without changing your word processor!

For the first time, the Jewish Community can write in English plus Hebrew, Russian, Persian, Yiddish... as many as 19 different languages in the same document with the same word processor. And Nisus Writer gives you this capability because it's the first word processor that's completely Macintosh® WorldScriptTM savvy. Nothing compares for diverse language writing flexibility, especially in right-to-left text entry. Not to mention powerful editing, formatting, graphics, and layout features, including footnotes and automatic cross-referencing. You can now save any Nisus Writer file in HTML format to easily create web pages. If you are a rabbi, an educator, or a community lay leader, please check out the Nisus Store.

     Nisus Writer's exquisite word processing and entry level desktop publishing capabilities let you mix graphics and text easily in the same document using only one application. With these tools and Nisus Writer's unique language capabilities (and appropriate Apple Language Kit), you can prepare customized brochures and siddurim in Hebrew, English, Yiddish, Judaezmo, Russian, Persian and/or Arabic, and any Romanic language.
     You can easily copy text from siddurim, reformat it and use it in Hebrew language and other lessons. Type in English from left to right using any standard English language font in your system. Choose a Hebrew Script font, and as you type, the Hebrew text you enter appears from right to left.

Fonts currently shipped in the Apple Hebrew Language Kit for System 7.1 and higher:
Hebrew Fonts Available

A Directional Arrow on the Text Bar allows you to set the primary direction of a paragraph of text. If most of the text of that paragraph is in Hebrew, click the arrow so that it points right to left. If most of the text for that paragraph is in English, click the arrow so that it points left to right.

Select an area of both Hebrew and English text... change the font from (for example) Palatino to Times, and only the Roman text changes. The Hebrew remains unchanged. Do the same but change from to and only the Hebrew text changes.

Nisus® Writer with the Hebrew Language Kit allows you to enter Hebrew text using the
standard Israeli/Hebrew keyboard or a transliterated version.
With Standard Keyboard With Transliterated Version

Find materials used in one file to use again in others. Nisus Writer's unparalleled Find/Replace capability allows you to search in multiple, closed sermon, bulletin article, eulogy and/or story files for key words or phrases and create a "concordance" of their occurrences. When Nisus Writer finds them you can copy them from one file and paste into other documents. You can find any Hebrew word in your document whether it appears with or without . You can find almost any Hebrew word if you know its .

Type an abbreviation in Hebrew or English; one command expands that abbreviation to a whole phrase or sentence. For example, in one user's Glossary of abbreviations...

Typing kbh expands to:
Typing expands to:
Typing expands to: Ư
Typing (for ) expands to:

Make booklets that turn pages from right to left or left to right. You can even use the to number pages.