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NOTE: this software is for Classic Mac OS (eg: OS 9) and cannot be used on Mac OS X.
Nisus Writer Classic is no longer for sale. This page is only for archival purposes.

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Find/Replace      In Nisus Writer, you can search or replace in the active window, all open windows, or in any number of unopened files. You can also use wild cards to find "generic" text such as any set of numbers in the form of a telephone number, any address, any proper name in the middle of a sentence... anything you can describe, Nisus can find. Plus, you can search and replace just the text, or the text with any of its style attributes.
     For example, to find every reference to a page number in a document, do the following:
  1. Create this expression, including parentheses: ( Page Number Expression)
  2. Choose "Find/Replace" from the Tools menu.
  3. Click the words "Normal Find" and a menu will pop down. Choose PowerFind.
  4. Click Find to locate the next reference to a page number as in: "(page #)."


     No other word processor makes it this easy to automate actions. You can even create custom menu items using macros.
     You can turn on the macro recorder, and have Nisus Writer copy your actions; you can edit the macro you've created; you can run through it step by step to confirm that it acts as you've designed it; you can have your macro call another macro, write a macro, or even modify itself.
     Nisus ships with a number of utility macros which add functionality. One of them automatically creates a monthly calendar to help you plan your work. Choose "Create Calendar" from the Macros submenu under Tools to see a calendar for any month.
  1. Imagine you need to format some documents identically for a newsletter or report. Or maybe you need to format data imported from a database or a news wire. Nisus macros can do the work for you. Try this on the files "Demo Import File", "Demo Experiment Data", or "Demo Stock Data".
  2. Macros can automatically extract addresses from a document containing addresses, phone numbers and notes and create a new document for you to name and save. Try this with the file "Demo Address list".
  3. To work out some quick calculations or format a mathematical equation, try using a macro. Just open the file "Demo Calculate and Powers" to try this one out.
  4. If you would like to see what Nisus macros can offer as a teaching tool, choose "Algebra Example" from the Macros submenu under Tools.
Graphics Nisus Writer makes it easy to mix both graphics and text. One click on the "Show Graphics Bar" button: Show Graphics Bar Button puts drawing tools at your fingertips. With one menu choice, you can have the text flow through or wrap around the graphic. With a click and drag you can draw an arrow to point to something, and with another click you can type a text box and move it anywhere. Markers Nisus Writer lets you to jump directly to any marked text, much like HTML hyperlinks. You can mark any text (chapter headings, figures, etc.) as you prepare your document. To quickly move to your marker, choose the marker name from the Jump submenu (of the Tools menu). Cross References Nisus Writer automatically updates cross references. You can mark a figure in your document, then insert a cross reference to the page number on which the figure appears. If your figure moves to another page, Nisus automatically updates the page reference. For example:
  1. Click to the left of your figure.
  2. Choose "Page Break" from the Insert menu.
  3. Choose Undo from the Edit menu to cut the page break.