Apple Silicon Support for InfoClick and Thesaurus

If the elves brought you a shiny new Apple Silicon Mac we have some app updates for you. The new versions of InfoClick (our email search tool) and Nisus Thesaurus now run natively on Apple Silicon.

Aside from Apple Silicon support, InfoClick version 1.2.6 includes a handful of bug fixes which are listed on the InfoClick release notes page. There are no other changes for Nisus Thesaurus.

Big Sur, Apple Silicon, and Nisus

We have received a fair amount of email asking us if our applications will be ready for the new Apple Silicon based Macs. The answer to this is that we will be ready when the first of the new machines are released near the end of 2020. Personally I am excited to see what the future will bring with these new Macs. 

We also receive quite a bit of email regarding macOS Big Sur and compatibility with Nisus apps. We have done some testing and so far it seems, apart from cosmetic issues, our apps are compatible with Big Sur, pending the final release of the new macOS. 

For the latest news on both of these issues, please keep your eyes on this blog and, if you haven’t already, subscribe to our newsletter. 

Catalina Compatibility Updates for Nisus Writer Pro, InfoClick, and Nisus Thesaurus

September should see the official release of macOS Catalina. To prepare for this we are rolling out macOS Catalina compatible updates to a few of our apps.

First up is Nisus Writer Pro 3.0.3 ($45 upgrade). This release fixes a few issues that were discovered after the release of Nisus Writer Pro 3.0.2:

  • Fixed issues with custom date/time stamps.
  • Callouts are correctly loaded from files.
  • Renaming a file from an external drive no longer cases future saves to fail.
  • Fixed a few issues with sections and breaks.
  • Compatibility fixes for macOS Catalina.

There are also a few minor fixes and changes, all of which can be found on the Nisus Writer Pro release notes page.

Next up are InfoClick 1.2.5 ($15) and Nisus Thesaurus 1.2. Both apps have the following changes:

  • Dark Mode.
  • Compatible with macOS Catalina.

Nisus Writer Pro 3.0.3, InfoClick 1.2.5, and Nisus Thesaurus 1.2 are available now on our site, the Mac App Store, and inside each app using the menu Check For Updates.

These are free updates to anyone who owns Nisus Writer Pro 3 or InfoClick.

El Capitan Compatibility

El Capitan, or OS X 10.11, has been released and we know many of you are already using it. So it is probably a good time to talk about compatibility with our apps.

The latest versions of Nisus Writer Express and Nisus Writer Pro are compatible, apart from one issue. Hopefully Apple will fix that bug shortly.

The current version of InfoClick (1.1) will not by default detect email in El Capitan. We currently have a workaround but a newer version of InfoClick (1.2) will fix this issue. We hope to have InfoClick 1.2 released very soon.

Nisus Thesaurus is compatible with no reported issues.

If you do find a problem please let us know by sending an email to support or through the feedback reporter (Help > Send Feedback) within our apps.

Yosemite Compatibility

Now that OS X 10.10, or Yosemite, has been released it’s time we talk about compatibility with the new OS and our products.

We ran many tests with the release version of  Yosemite and our current release versions of Nisus Writer Express, Pro, Thesaurus, and InfoClick. We have not found any issues: they all seem to be working as they should.

So if you are one of the brave early adopters of a new OS, feel free to use the latest versions of our apps with confidence. They should work as expected. However, if you do run into an unexpected problem, please let us know by sending feedback from within our apps or write to our support team. Your fellow early adopters will thank you.

Snow Leopard Compatible Releases

When Apple announced on 24 August that Snow Leopard would be available on the 28th, we were as surprised as you were. Remember, Apple had said previously that Snow Leopard would be available in September. To most in the developer community, that meant late September.

Boy, were we wrong.

Since 10.6 has now out in the wild, we are happy to announce the release of beta versions of Nisus Writer Pro 1.3.1 and Nisus Writer Express 3.3.1.

Nisus Writer Pro 1.3.1 contains no new features, but includes fixes since Pro 1.3 was released, and the aforementioned Snow Leopard fixes. The release notes for Pro 1.3.1 can be found on the Pro 1.3.1 download page.

Nisus Writer Express 3.3.1 is a feature release. The new features include an all new document manager, a style library, the ability to attach the active document to a new email message (in and Entourage only), a selection history (allowing users to jump to prior editing locations), an option to automatically capitalize the first word of each sentence during typing (this is disabled by default).

There are also many, many fixes (including the fixes for 10.6), all of which can be read about on the Express 3.3.1 release notes page.

Both applications are Universal Binaries and require at least Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).

Please remember that these are beta versions, and not available for purchase. We will send out an announcement when we release the final versions of both applications.