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What is InfoClick?
InfoClick is a uniquely powerful email search tool designed to guide you to the emails you've been trying to find. InfoClick enhances Apple Mail on macOS 10.11 (El Capitan) or later.
Precision Yields Results
Navigate through your emails to see the information within. InfoClick knows exactly which words are actually used in your emails, so there's no guessing. It's a guided process of narrowing down the matches in a series of simple choices.
  • Sortable matches are updated instantaneously as you refine your search.
  • Contact searches can match by name, email, or domain.
  • Match only emails with an attachment, or a specific file name.
  • A few clicks on date criteria will quickly explore only viable possibilities.
  • Show only certain types of items, like sent emails or junk emails.
  • Advanced Options
    InfoClick includes an advanced search mode with increased specificity and features like:
  • Drill down using your accounts, mailboxes, and folders from Apple Mail.
  • Email addresses are fully searchable, including email domains.
  • Match specific parts of attachment file names or file extensions.
  • Links in your emails are searchable, including all URL components.
  • Exclude any terms or criteria you don't want to match using negation.
  • Demonstration Video
    Watch this video clip to see InfoClick in action, narrowing down criteria as the search progresses to find a target email:
    Free Trial
    The free demo is fully functional for 15 separate non-consecutive days. The demo has no limitations.
    Free 15-day demo.
    If you decide to purchase no additional downloads are needed, a license key unlocks the demo.
    Personalized Support
    Email our free and friendly customer support at any time. We're here to help you grow into powerful tools.