Alphabetize (Sort) Paragraphs

It only takes Nisus Writer Pro a few seconds to sort lists consisting of individual paragraphs. (Each paragraph can be as short as one character.)

Paragraphs can be a blank line, a few words, a block of text, or even an image, followed by a Return character.

Blank lines are placed first.

Paragraphs beginning with numbers are placed ahead of those beginning with letters.

Any sequence of numbers beginning a paragraph is interpreted as a numeral. Paragraphs are sorted in order of these numerals. Those beginning with the same numerals are sorted by the remaining characters.

Paragraphs beginning with alphabetic characters appear last.

Any selection containing part of a paragraph is extended to include the entire paragraph when sorted.

The Language attribute applied to the first selected paragraph affects the ordering of the sorted paragraphs. If you have paragraphs in multiple languages and you want to sort them you might want to sort each set of paragraphs separately.

Sort order can vary depending on:

Your system version and the system’s Language & Region preferences.

The Language attribute you have applied to the text.

Sort paragraphs

1. Select the range of paragraphs you want to sort.

2. Choose Sort Ascending (A-Z) or Sort Descending (Z-A) from the menu Edit > Transform Paragraphs.

Jumble paragraphs

1. Select the range of paragraphs you want to jumble.

2. Choose the menu command: Edit > Transform Paragraphs > Randomize (shuffle).

You can sort specific cells in a column within a table. You can also sort rows of a table based on a selected column as explained in “Sort rows of a table” on page 275.

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