M1 Fever

I have to admit my resistance to the new M1 Macs is eroding quickly. Between the universally positive reviews from both reviewers and customers alike, I’m struggling to stay M1 clean. I have my eye on a Mac mini, but I think I would also enjoy a fanless MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro that has all day battery life.

It’s not that I need one of these computers. I have a fairly recent mini that I quite like. I really don’t need to upgrade. Yet, I’m being pulled into upgrading like a moth to a flame, or Guy Fieri to a diner. I’ve seen the mini for as low as $599 US at more than one place, and these sales are making things worse. Twice as fast and off the charts efficient is a combination that’s hard to resist. Add in sale pricing and I’m in serious trouble. 

Do any of you have one of these new M1 Macs? If so, please leave a comment below. I’m interested in your opinions on these new machines. 

In the meantime I’m going to keep resisting. For now. 


  1. Dan Bensky

    Resistance is futile. I have a bare bones MBA and it is much faster than my previous MBP, as well as having longer battery life and almost never even getting warm.

  2. Steve Sarrica

    Got my wife a tricked-out M1 MBA and she loves it. Work just got me a bare-bones M1 MBA and I love it. Very fast, very quiet. I will probably be getting one of the new Apple Silicon iMacs when they are released. Take the plunge!

  3. Dave

    In the end I caved and purchased an M1 Mac mini. Just got it, but so far, so fast. I think I’m going to enjoy it immensely.

  4. Dave

    What does tricked out mean, exactly? Big hard drive and tons of memory? If so, I envy her. I seriously considered an Air but I ended up with a mini. I’m happy so far.

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