About Version 2.1.7

This is a minor update that adds support for the Touch Bar, improves support for document tabs on macOS Sierra, and fixes a few small issues.

Requires Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later.
This update is free for existing users of Pro version 2.

Downloads Available:

Nisus Writer Pro 2.1.7 installer package download download from mirror

Nisus Writer Pro 2.1.7 zip archive download zip download zip from mirror

The source code of LibreOffice by The Document Foundation (copyright LibreOffice contributors and/or their affiliates), as modified by Nisus Software Inc, and used for file format conversions by Nisus Writer Pro is available for download.


  • Added support for the Touch Bar as found on some new MacBook models.
  • Improved support for tabbed documents on macOS 10.12 Sierra:
    • All tab menu commands should also appear on the View menu.
    • Added a New Tab command that always opens a blank document in a new tab.
    • Added a menu option that controls whether or not documents are opened in tabs.
    • If documents are reopened at launch, tabs should be maintained.
  • Fixed: sometimes autosaved Untitled files were not automatically cleared away after the user explicitly saved the document.
  • Fixed: tables: sometimes scrolling a selection inside a table into view would scroll too far.
  • Fixed: tracked changes: possible hang when showing the Review Changes pane, if certain types of changes overlap.
  • Fixed: some esoteric bugs related to TOC and indexing.
  • Fixed: a few crash and hang bugs related to the Touch Bar.