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Indexing Options

Mark your document text using a variety of indexing options:

  • Indexing topics and subtopics.
  • Decide if generated indexes list page number or reference text.
  • Optionally choose how each indexing topic is sorted.
  • Automate marking indexing entries via a concordance list.
  • Add bold or italic to index topics or entries.

    Once your document is finished, just insert a fully automatically generated index.

  • Indexing Options
    PDF Export
    PDF Export

    Entries in your generated index are exported as clickable links when exporting your document as a PDF.

    Multiple Indexes

    Nisus Writer supports multiple indexes in a single document. Use our indexing styles to control generated index options like:

  • Formatting for each generated index level.
  • Leader tab markings like dots, lines, or dashes.
  • Multiple Indexes
    Learn More

    Read more in our user guide's help topic about Indexing.

    Browse the entire user guide online, or download the full PDF PDF User Guide.

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