How do I type in multiple languages?

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How do I type in multiple languages?

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To type in multiple languages using Nisus Writer Express:

1. Choose Preferences from the Nisus Writer Express menu.

2. Click the Languages icon at the top of the Preferences dialog.

3. Scroll along the left column until you find the language in which you want to type (for instance Spanish).

Notice that Nisus Writer Express has automatically filled in certain information. We are aware that there is (as yet) no spelling checker nor thesaurus for Danish (from Apple; you might find what you need from CocoAspell. You can select a "secondary font" for displaying text in this language. Because I use the Unicode font Lucida Grande, I choose not to have a secondary font. Notice also that we have selected a keyboard for you.

4. Choose the appropriate keyboard you want to use for typing your text from the Keyboard pop-up menu.

5. Check (or uncheck, as you wish) Switch keyboard layouts when language changes.

You are probably better off with checking this (turning this on).

Be sure to do steps 3. 4., and 5. for each language.

6. Close the Preferences dialog.

7. In your Nisus Writer Express document choose Spanish from the Language submenu of the Format menu or from the pop-up menu in the Language palette.

8. Begin typing.

9. When you want to switch to another language (such as Danish) choose Danish from the pop-up menu in the Language palette.

10. When you want to switch back to English, choose English from the pop-up menu in the Language palette.

Now, when you click your insertion point anywhere in the document it will retain the keyboard input method associated with that language.
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