How do I "Romanize" Asian transliterations?

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How do I "Romanize" Asian transliterations?

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A variety of tools are available.</p> <ul> <li>You can create a composite character as explained in the Nisus Writer User's Guide: "To use tracking for creating 'composite' characters."</li> <li>You can use any one of a variety of fonts that have these characters in them. You can find some of these fonts at:</li> <ol> <li><a HREF="" target="_blank">Linguist's Software</a></li> <li>Knut S. Vikor has also prepared a <a HREF="" target="_blank">variety of fonts </a> (while specifically for Arabic) have "loose" macros that can be placed over a lower case and upper case letter. There are also separate macron characters for i, u, a, e and o.<br> The fonts come in Times, Helvetica and Palatino-based shapes, Truetype. Freeware of course.</li> <li>David Prager Branner had prepared "<a HREF=" ... atzyh.html" target="_blank">A Guide to Gwoyeu Romatzyh Tonal Spelling of Chinese</a>" at his web site. However, this page seems to have disappeared.<br> You can try this page "<a HREF="" target="_blank">GR Junction</a>" or even this page "<a HREF="" target="_blank">How to read GR</a>". </li> </ol> </ul>
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