How do I change which languages are available?

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How do I change which languages are available?

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Choose Your List of Preferred Languages
Nisus Writer supports a huge number of languages, but likely you will only be working with a small group of languages. You may want to configure the list of preferred languages to either slim it down, or add languages that were not included in the default list:

1. Open your Nisus Writer preferences.
2. Switch to the "Languages" preference pane:
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3. Notice the list on the left: this is your list of preferred languages that Nisus Writer will always show (eg: in the Languages menu).

To remove a language: select the language and click the minus button below the list.
To add a language: click the plus button below the list. This brings up a sheet where you can checkmark which languages to show. If some language is not available in the sheet of all possible languages, Nisus Writer lets you add your own custom language using the "Add Custom" button. This is not commonly needed, but can be useful.

Configure Each Language
Each language in Nisus Writer has its own settings, which includes things like the spelling dictionary and keyboard layout. You can configure those settings by selecting the language from the list of preferred languages on the left, and then using the options on the right, which are described in detail in the topic on language-sensitive options.

Switching Between Languages
Once you've setup your languages, you'll want to use them when typing in a document. Though invisible, languages are an attribute applied to text (like the font). A single document can have many different languages applied to different bits of text.

Nisus Writer provides many ways to switch between languages, all of which are detailed in the topic on how to change languages.
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