What is Nisus Writer Express?

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What is Nisus Writer Express?

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Nisus Writer Express is an all new-from-the-ground-up word processor, developed using Apple's Cocoa frameworks. It was designed as an easy to use, yet powerful word processor that allows you to write the way you want to write. It is lean and quick, not bloated with features you won't, or can't use. Nisus Writer Express is word processing the way it should be -- simple and straightforward, yet has the power to do the work.

Nisus Writer Express was first released in July of 2003. It is all new, it is not a port of Classic Nisus Writer. It is not like any version of Nisus Writer that has come before. We know, there are features missing at this point, but in time this application will be a lean, clean (even elegant), word processor that will compete with anything out there.

In February of 2004 we released version 1.1.2 which included features such as a Language Palette, show invisibles, back to front printing, an integrated thesaurus (Nisus Thesaurus, to be exact!), the ability to change the background color, (limited) WordPerfect translation and Panther (Mac OS X 10.3) compatibility (some features work better (or only) in 10.3). It did not, however, have a whole variety of features that so many Nisus Writer Classic users (myself included) so appreciated… most of those features are on the list for future versions.

In September of 2004 we released version 2.0 which implemented three crucial features: footnotes (and endnotes), tables and user defined styles. These, along with many smaller touches are significant additions to the feature set of an elegant writing environment. In November, we released version 2.1 which significantly increases the the application's speed.

April of 2005 brought Express 2.1.3, which brought Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) compatibility.

In September 2005 we released Nisus Writer Express 2.5, which brought right to left text input, bullets and numbering, support for Linkback, and many fixes and enchancements.

Express 2.6, released in January 2006 added WYSIWYG font menu, smart to straight quote conversion and vice versa, restores document selection when reopened, a preference to reopen the last set of documents when Express is launched, and French and German localization.

February 2006 brought Express 2.6.1. This release was notable as it is our first Universal Binary release. That means that Express is now compatible with the latest Intel-based Macs and PowerPC based Macs.

Nisus Writer Express 2.7 brings Multikey Keyboard Shortcuts, Full Screen View, Leader Tabs, an Attribute Dropper Toolbar item, and many fixes. This version was released in June of 2006.

While that represents a lot of progress in a short time, please believe us when we state: We are still working on the Nisus Writer that fulfills your needs, because then, it will fulfill ours.
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