Not finding emails

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Not finding emails

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I recently upgraded to Catalina. InfoClick is missing some emails that I know I have (I can see them in Mail). I've rebuilt the database, twice, about 70,616 emails. Still missing.

Is there anything more I can do?

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Re: Not finding emails

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I might suspect that InfoClick is missing emails stored in different folders on disk. Apple often changes the name of the inner email folder, eg: from V6 to V7. If you made a more drastic system upgrade, Apple may have changed the location of the email folder entirely.

Please double check your InfoClick preferences. You want to ensure that the listing of folders shows one or both of the standard Apple email folder locations. For more details on that and what folders to include, please see this FAQ topic on configuring InfoClick.

If you still have questions or troubles please let us know!
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