How do I change the default window size, styles, etc?

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How do I change the default window size, styles, etc?

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Depending on your computer monitor you may want to customize how the default document window appears on screen. Nisus Writer lets you choose the size and position of the default document window, along with all other document settings like zoom, styles, tool visibility, etc.

Whenever you create a new document in Nisus Writer a template file is loaded. The settings in the template file are used for the new document. This template is called the "Nisus New File". To control the default window dimensions and placement you'll want to edit the Nisus New File template so the window appears how you'd like.

How to customize the default window:
1. Open your Nisus Writer preferences.
2. Switch to the "New File" pane.
3. Click the "Advanced" tab.
4. Under "Template File" where you see "Nisus New File", click the button "Open For Editing":

newfile.png (112.49 KiB) Viewed 17348 times

5. The new file template will open as a normal Nisus Writer document.
6. Make any desired changes, eg: resize and reposition the window on screen.
7. Save the changes to disk, eg: using the menu File > Save.
8. Close the template document.

Once you've edited the template all new files will load your updated settings from that template. This includes not only the window size and placement, but all other settings like styles, default view, etc.
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