NWX2.0 on OS10.3 only?!!

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NWX2.0 on OS10.3 only?!!

Post by propstuff »

In the latest NW Newsletter it says NWX2.0 is for OS10.3 only.
In the NW site preview it implies that it will work on 10.2, but certain features will only run on 10.3.

What's the story? Will we really have to buy a new operating system to run NWX?
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Post by dave »

Express will be compatible with OS X 10.2, mostly. The main new features (tables, styles, footnotes/endnotes) will work in Jaguar. A few features such as Correct Spelling, Expanded Underline and Strikethrough Styles, Bold and Italicize any font, and Autocomplete are 10.3 only. This page shows which new features work and what doesn't work.


Sorry for the confusion.

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