Slow start??

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Slow start??

Post by mirko »

After long hesitation I decided to purchase a license to NWE to show my support for further developments.
I use it on my main G4 PowerMac, but also on my original iBook.

Especially on the latter machine the starting of NWE under Panther takes very long, about 20 bounces!

It is not a fast machine, I know, but NWE takes a lot longer than other apps. Is that normal?

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Slow Start

Post by bbrowncashdollar »

I had a similar problem I forget what version. I'm assuming that you had and earlier copy on your disk, is that correct? If so then what I did what I did was remove some of the files initially to the desktop and then if I didn't need them to the trash. ~/Library/Application Support/Nisus Writer/ Drag the Nisus Writer Directory to the Desktop. Then remove the preferences ~/Library/Preferences/ and drag the file com.nisus.NisusWriter.plist to the desktop. Then make sure that you're launching Nisus Writer from somewhere on your hard disk (for example the Applications folder) and see if that helps. I mention launching it from your hard disk, because at some point I remember a a painfully slow launch when launching it from the disk image.

Then if that helps all you should need to put back are the macros in the Nisus Writer folder you took out of the ~/Library/Application Support/Nisus Writer/Macros.

Hope that helps.

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