Music Widget Madness!

One thing not on my bingo card this year was a faithful recreation of the Dashboard iTunes widget from Mac OS X Tiger. However, developer Mario Guzman, who appears to be of sound mind and body, has produced Music Widget for macOS for modern versions of macOS, starting with Big Sur.

I downloaded and I have to say it is pretty cool. It works just as I remember the OS X widget worked. Yes, I’m old.

Be aware that this works with Apple Music only. Spotify need not apply.

The app is in beta, and is compatible with Big Sur and above.

Thanks to Cult of Mac for the original article.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words! I truly appreciate it! Music Widget 1.2 should be out soon with support for picking a playlist to play from within Music Widget — just like the original Music Widget. v1.1 is out now with support for Finnish, German, and Spanish. The official 1.0 release has support for auto-updates so you don’t have to manually go to the website and download a new version every time. Hope you love the updates! -Mario

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