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Macworld Expo 2009 – Town Hall Blues

January 9th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Between all of the parties and sleeping and eating, I actually did something of substance. I attended the Town Hall meeting on Wednesday night.

The place was full, and a bit anxious. People had ideas that they were just dying to share, and share they did. A few wanted to either move it to New York or Boston. One person suggested Texas, that haven of Mac-heads. One suggested that they move it around to different locations. One woman talked about gaming and the lack of it at Macworld the last few years. I think the phrase “Last year was a pathetic joke” was used.

While these are all worthwhile ideas, I suppose, I have to admit that none of them got me excited.

Macworld for me is about interacting with our customers. It is really the only place to do that year after year. For example, this year, even though we do not have a booth, I have been stopped more than once in the hallway and told in no uncertain terms how they like (or not like) our products. You just can’t get that kind of feedback anywhere else.

Without Apple being involved, I am not sure who is going to show up. Like it or not, Apple makes Macworld Expo. It shouldn’t be that way, but that’s how it is. I am afraid though without Apple’s participation, Macworld is not going to go on after this year.

And that will be a real shame.

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  • 1 Fred // Feb 6, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    Dear Dave;

    Recently excavated my cd copy of Nisus Writer 5.0.3 which I used all through UCLA in the 90s.

    Have gotten less and less satisfied with Pages for more than memos and cannot reconcile myself with Word.

    So, how compatible are the new Nisus products with files created by Nisus Writer 5.0.3. Periodically I have a use something and have open and save as a text file to make it accessible to Pages.

    I thought Nisus had slipped beneath the waves. Delighted to find you again and would much prefer to start over Nisus Pro if it can access my old files directly.

    thanks for your help

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