macOS Monterey

Earlier this week at Apple’s special event (unveiling speedy new MacBook Pros) we learned that macOS Monterey will be released early next week on October 25.

If you plan to upgrade to Monterey please make sure that you have the latest version of Nisus Writer. So far as we know Nisus Writer Pro 3.2.2 and Nisus Writer Express 4.2.2 are compatible with Monterey; earlier versions may not be functional.

Please let us know if you see any issues with Monterey or otherwise. We’re always happy to help!


  1. Rebecca Rhoads

    Yeah, I really hate the mail feature in the Monterey update. I lost a bunch of emails and there is no longer the option to sort according to “from” and “date”. This really is a terrible update.

  2. I’m very sorry Apple Mail lost some of your emails! I had the same experience. Several hundred of my emails were also lost after upgrading to macOS Monterey. Apple Mail showed them with no content like this:

    You are still able to sort the email listing, but for some reason Apple removed convenient access to the option. You now have to use the menu View > Sort By instead of the toolbar.

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