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How To Set Up Your Default Language

May 19th, 2007 · No Comments

By default, Express (and Pro, when it ships) has US English as the default language. But, you live in the United Kingdom. You don’t want to spell in our crazy version of English! You want to spell color the proper way, as in colour. How do you set this up in Express/Pro? In this example, we will choose Nisus Writer Pro. However, this also works in Express.

Simple, Simon. You set the language in the Nisus New File.

1. Choose Preferences from the Nisus Writer Pro menu.

2. Click New File in the bar across the top.

3. Click Format (if it is not already selected) in the tabs at the top of the New File preferences.

4. In the Character portion of the dialog choose English (British) from the Language pop-up menu. If you do not see this language in your list, you can add it by opening Preferences>Languages and clicking the More… button.

5. Close the Preferences window.

6. Choose New from the File menu.

Now type a word in “proper” English, say neighbourhood. The spelling checker should not flag that word.

Disclaimer: This tip applies to new documents only.

(Thanks to Mark Hurvitz, Nisus support person and many other titles, for this tip.)

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