Feature Req — Enhanced Typogr Spacing and Hyphenation

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Feature Req — Enhanced Typogr Spacing and Hyphenation

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I'd like to know if the following typographic final-compositor tools will be available in Nisus within the next year.
I asked about this a couple of years ago, and I think it's time to ask again. :P

I mean the tools available like these screen-shots of InDesign: the word-spacing, letter-spacing, glyph-size, and hyphenation (more/less) controls that allow InDesign to create a professional-looking, easy-reading prose paragraph that avoids white-space-rivers and hyphens.

I say this having just made comparisons myself: I just downloaded a trial of InDesign, and tested their typographic spacing tools, against the same paragraphs done in Nisus.
InDesign tools -Justification spacing .png
InDesign tools -Justification spacing .png (24.35 KiB) Viewed 6422 times
InDesign tools - Hyphenation  more-and-less.png
InDesign tools - Hyphenation more-and-less.png (32.83 KiB) Viewed 6422 times
I found that the Word spacing, Letter spacing, and Glyph sizing and more/less hyphens controls in InDesign give far more control over the end result.
I found this true even with only an hour or so setting up a test of InDesign; I can see that I can fine tune it more if I know InDesign better. Unfortunately I find Nisus reliance on the Apple engine doesn't provide enough control; one has to live either with lots of variance in the word-spacing -- which can look very weird when one line is wide-spaced and the next tight-spaced -- or, one has lots of hyphens.

If Nisus (or Apple) isn't going to provide these tools, I think I'll need to jump to InDesign and pay them 29USD a month for the final setup of a long prose book. Sigh. :roll:

But first...is there hope? I'd much rather give the money to Nisus for an expensive upgrade (non-monthly-recurring, of course). :drunk:


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