Problem using NWP macro for Bookends

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Problem using NWP macro for Bookends

Post by harryhoffner »

I have licensed copies of Bookends, Sente and EndNote. Since NWP has no macro to run EndNote, I am trying to use my Bookends with NWP for a project I'm working on. But I can't get the NWP macros for Bookends to respond when I click on them in the Macros window. What should I do to troubleshoot this? I'm not very clever with such things. Many thanks in advance. :?

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Re: Problem using NWP macro for Bookends

Post by chrisu »

I think this is due to old macros. Apparently these are not replaced with newer versions of Bookends. In my case, after deleting the old ones, the macros work again properly. However, currently Bookends 10.6 seems not to format NWP files at all, but may be you are more lucky than I.

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Re: Problem using NWP macro for Bookends

Post by martin »

Just a heads up: NWP 1.4 and Bookends 10.6.1 now communicate directly with one another (see the menus in NWP under Insert > Bibliography). Macros are no longer required.

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