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The application that has pioneered Text Editing on the Macintosh for over 14 years is now pumped up with improvements and hot new features. QUED/M™ (QUality EDitor with Macros) version 3.0 is here and it's ready to make your work easier!

Now the newest version of QUED/M is PowerPC native and includes Symantec & THINK Project Manager™ support, Metrowerks CodeWarrior™ support, System 7.5 Drag & Drop, plus a powerful new programming dialect, dynamic coloring of C/C++ keywords/comments, Rectangular and Noncontiguous Selection. That means when you order QUED/M 3.0 you get over 600 source files and dozens of utilities to help you code better and faster. If you're still not convinced, see reasons why our customers love it!

Free Trial

A demonstration version of QUED/M is available for download. It is exactly like the full version, except that it cannot save or print.

Also available for first time users is the QUED/M manual, a useful tool to help you get started.

Purchases and Upgrades

  • Buy (download only)

A free update to version 3.0.3 is available for users of QUED/M versions 3.0.1 and 3.0.2:

Otherwise you will need to purchase an upgrade from our store.

Related Resources

Metrowerks CodeWarrior is the ideal development platform for both 68k and PowerPC-native Macintosh applications. Nisus Software's QUED/M text editor integrates seamlessly with CodeWarrior to form the ultimate programming enviornment.
QUED/M ships with the runtime version of Frontier, a system-level scripting system. Any Frontier command can be activated from within QUED/M, and Frontier commands can also be embedded in QUED/M 's macros. For even more power and flexibility, the full version of Frontier, currently at 5.0, can be downloaded for free from the Frontier Website