Nisus Software, Inc.

Nisus Writer Pro 3.3 Release Notes

This is a minor update to fix a few key issues.

This is a free update for existing users of Nisus Writer Pro version 3.

If you are a user of Nisus Writer Pro version 2 (or lower) this is a paid upgrade.
Version 3 introduced many new features and requires a new license key purchase.

Nisus Writer Pro 3.3 is the latest version available.


  • Restored Spanish localization– thanks to Francisco J. Martín Domínguez!
  • Fixed crashes on prerelease (beta) versions of macOS Ventura.
  • Fixed: changing to Style View and back should preserve the scroll location.
  • Fixed: zero-length selections (aka: insertion points) are not restored when reopening files.
  • Fixed: macOS text translation menu is unavailable when selection spans multiple paragraphs.
  • Added: Open Recent menu shows checkmarks next to already opened files.
  • Fixed: possible Page View crashes and hangs.
  • Fixed: some areas did not treat a Control + left click as a secondary/right click
  • Fixed copy/paste of paragraph styles with certain list styles can trigger superfluous text layout.
  • Fixed: redefining a style from the selection can incorrectly add a font override.
  • Fixed: certain changes in the Style Sheet view did not correctly update the palettes.
  • Changed: using the forward delete key (DEL) in a table will clear the cell contents instead of deleting cells.
  • Changed: attempt to fix crash when redefining style from selection.
  • Fixed: unbold formatting can be incorrectly restored after reopening a file.
  • Fixed: header/footer content can be lost after reopening file with facing pages section.
  • Fixed: Find panel can incorrectly revert to "entire file" mode.
  • Fixed: prevent always reopening converted files at launch.
  • Fixed: selecting a section break can trigger incorrect autoscroll.
  • Fixed: reopening a file with certain generated TOCs can incorrectly add TOC level overrides to style definitions.
  • Fixed: incorrect line wrapping for Swedish curly quotes.
  • Fixed: headers/footers can use incorrect text color in Dark Mode.
  • Fixed: custom note references should interrupt per-page footnotes.
  • Fixed: prevent scrollbar from showing temporarily when typing end of line with typewriter scrolling.
  • Fixed: user should be able to remove DropBox folder from Document Manager.
  • Fixed: reopening the navigator sidebar can fail to preserve TOC collapsed states.
  • Changed: layout should be invalidated during live image resize/crop
  • Attempt to fix situations where autoscrolling can fail, caused by smooth scrolling animations.
  • Fixed: the menu "Add Link to Content" should not be disabled if no text is selected.
  • Fixed: clicking a link should add it to the selection history.
  • Changed: Find panel should not be allowed to enter full screen mode.
  • Fixed: avert possible crash when closing certain documents.
  • Fixed: possible crash when deleting text with floating images or shapes.
  • Fixed: crash when clearing watermark transparency field
  • Changed: improved inverting of blue colors when in Dark Mode
  • Fixed: very long TOC entries should be truncated when exporting to EPUB, to accommodate limits in the Apple Books app.
  • Updated: Join Files macro now uses the first joined file as a template, instead of the Nisus New File.
  • Changed: preserve info about original RTF generator app.
  • Fixed: first search results window clips matching text widths until manually resized.
  • Fixed: increased the length limit for automatic URL detection.
  • Fixed: macros paragraphAlignment value was incorrect on some versions of macOS.