Nisus Writer Pro 2.0.7 Release Notes

These are the release notes for an older version of Nisus Writer Pro.
For current information, please see our version and release notes archive.

Highlighted Changes

  • Fixed: when running on OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) could crash after copy-pasting table cells with a list style applied, or when closing documents with certain kinds of smart content.
  • Fixed: lang: hyphenation patterns were not always properly respected, sometimes resulting in very poor hyphenation for non-English languages.
  • Fixed: soft hyphens should transfer from Nisus Writer to Word properly.
  • Fixed: lang: when running on OSX 10.9 (Mavericks), it could be very slow to show the list of languages (in the preferences or elsewhere). Nisus Writer now loads language icons in the background and caches the results.
  • Fixed: images: editing an equation externally (eg: in MathType) could incorrectly refresh the image.
  • Fixed: track changes: typing over some text with a straight quote that is automatically corrected into a smart quote, with track changes enabled, can trigger an error and subsequent unpredictable behavior.
  • Fixed: possible crashing bugs triggered by line numbering in Page view.

Other Changes

  • Fixed: spelling: should be able to learn spelling for words with curly apostrophes.
  • Changed: automatic updater will alert the user about updates that cannot be used due to unsupported OSX versions, but should not offer to install them.
  • Fixed: when running on OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) could fail to open some RTF/ZRTF documents that included certain kinds of hex/base64 encoded data.
  • Fixed: notes: footnotes imported from Logos with multi-character note references could import improperly, incorrectly gobbling some of the body text as part of the note.
  • Fixed: track changes: the Track Changes toolbar item should be enabled on the overflow menu. Also, if "text only" mode is active, clicking the Track Changes toolbar item should not revert to icon mode.
  • Fixed: can't remove Small Caps font feature using Apple's typography panel for some fonts (eg: Arno Pro).
  • Fixed: find: some issues with the way PowerFind bubbles for repetitions (eg: "1-3 Times") display their labels.
  • Fixed: shapes: perfectly vertical/horizontal arrows and lines should be selectable in the rectangular selection mode.
  • Fixed: after returning from full screen Draft View, the underlying backdrop (visible only if user scrolls view down/up beyond bounds with elastic scrolling) is the wrong color.
  • Fixed: the menus under Table > Align Table should show state checkmarks as appropriate.
  • Fixed: copying a hyperlink (using the menu "Copy Link") incorrectly does not copy the URL if the linked text has non-uniform formatting.
  • Fixed: lists: if applying a list style, character attribute overrides applied to the selected list items should be culled according to style change attribute removal rules.
  • A few other minor stability improvements.
  • Added: macros: added commands to inspect and change borders and shading for paragraphs and table cells.
  • Added: macros: a variety of other miscellaneous new commands; see the Macro Language Reference.
  • Fixed: macros: the Selection.enclosedTables property did not work correctly.
  • Fixed: macros: StatusItem.newShownInDocument progress bar is broken.