These are the release notes for an older version of Nisus Writer Pro.
For current information, please see our version and release notes archive.

Fixed for Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6) Compatibility

  • Fixed: can't resize document window on Snow Leopard.
  • Fixed: failures when trying to import ".doc" files on Snow Leopard.
  • Fixed: spell: spelling guesses should be available on the contextual menu on Snow Leopard.
  • Fixed: spell: proper spelling dictionary is not always used to check text on Snow Leopard.
  • Fixed: images: pasting equations from MathType results in improperly huge image sizes on Snow Leopard.
  • Fixed: services vended by Nisus Writer do not show up on Snow Leopard.
  • Fixed: saving an unsaved file on Snow Leopard should suggest an automatically chosen file name.
  • Fixed: file extension in Save dialog can improperly repeatedly append itself on Snow Leopard.
  • Fixed: in the Stylesheet view on Snow Leopard, the collapsed/expanded state indicators ("chevrons") for style type titles are not properly positioned.

Other Changes

  • Fixed: drag-drop to empty text area can trigger problems.
  • Fixed: loc: the Page Setup dialog should not crash the French localization.
  • Fixed: ruler: can't change default leader tab settings.
  • Fixed: images: exporting a file with cropped/resized images as HTML could result in inverted images.
  • Fixed: toolbar: toolbar items with dynamically populated menus are improperly disabled.
  • Fixed: find: possible hang during find/replace if a comment encompassed a footnote/endnote reference.
  • Fixed: ruler: dragging an unselected tab marker should deselect all other markers and leave then unmoved.
  • Fixed: possible redraw failures when deleting/inserting line break characters near the top of the page.
  • Fixed: adjusting table cell borders should only affect the selected edges.
  • Fixed: images: PDF images should be converted when exporting as HTML.
  • Fixed: tables: inserting a table at the end of a footnote can incorrectly cause content to go missing.
  • Fixed: lang: keyboard layout not always restored when reactivating NWP.
  • Fixed: certain OSX enhancement applications (Typinator, PTHPasteboard, etc) can trigger a hang when copy-pasting cross-references.
  • Fixed: macros: AppleScripts that trigger nested macros can trigger loss of macro runtime information (eg: defined variables).
  • Fixed: ruler: creating a new tab stop in the ruler via drag-drop should update the tooltip showing the tab's location.
  • Fixed: macros: file opening menus should be matched last when running macro commands.
  • Fixed: index/toc: changing the name of an Index or TOC style can cause hangs or crashes.
  • Fixed: lang: can crash if a language change in the New File preferences triggers asking the user if section directionality should also change.
  • Fixed: palettes: changing the active Indexing/TOC style via the palette can show the wrong active style in the palette.
  • Changed: brace characters are emitted in RTF using a different escaping scheme that doesn't confuse Zotero.