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Recently Updated Macros:
Batch Convert Word Files To RTF 2020.09.15
Batch converts all Word documents (DOC and DOCX) in a particular folder to Nisus Writer RTF files. [link]
Arabic Numbers To Indic 2020.09.01
Converts all Arabic numbers (0-9) in the selected text to Indic numbers (٠-٩) or vice versa. [link]
Batch Convert To Plain Text 2020.04.16
Batch converts all documents in a particular folder to plain text files. [link]
Delete Spaces Before Note References 2020.03.17
Scans your document main body text for any footnote/endnote references, and then deletes any space characters found in front of those note references. [link]
Find All Tables 2020.03.05
Finds all tables in a document, showing the matches as a list you can click through. [link]
List Indent Outdent By Adjusting Style 2020.02.21
These two macros indent/outdent the selected text by applying a related paragraph style. Instead of using ruler indents or tabs, the macro looks for a paragraph style using the same list style at a deeper level. [link]
Images, Convert PICTs 2020.02.10
Converts all old Mac PICT images in a document to a modern image format. PICT images are obsolete and should be replaced. WARNING: this will rasterize images and may result in a loss of quality. [link]
Ligature Cleaner 2020.01.31
This macro replaces all pre-composed ligature characters with normal (single letter) characters. [link]
Redact 2020.01.07
Irreversibly scrambles all text in a document and replaces images with generic placeholder graphics. The macro tries to preserve existing layout, so otherwise your document looks and behaves the same. [link]
Find Orphans 2019.02.12
Finds all widows and orphans in a document. Nisus Writer has built-in support for preventing widows and orphans, but some users prefer to edit their text to manually correct them. [link]
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