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Recently Updated Macros:
British English Apply To Normal Style 2021.01.13
Applies the British English language to your document's Normal style, in case an imported document has the wrong language. The macro can be easily edited to apply a different language instead. [link]
Find Color Groups 2021.01.11
This macro finds all text in a document using colors other than black. The matches are grouped together so you can see all text using similar colors, eg: all shades of blue. [link]
Select Page Range 2020.12.28
Fully selects all text that appears on a range of pages. For example: select all text on pages 1-10. [link]
Batch Convert RTF To DOCX 2020.12.07
Batch converts all RTF/ZRTF files in a particular folder to Word DOCX files. [link]
Find All Outside Tables 2020.11.19
This macro finds all matches that occur outside of tables. [link]
Image, Align List Item Vertically 2020.11.17
Given a single paragraph with a list item and image, this macro adjusts the baseline of the list item so it is vertically centered with respect to the image. This is useful when working with equation images, though it can be used on any kind of image. [link]
Batch Convert Word Files To RTF 2020.09.15
Batch converts all Word documents (DOC and DOCX) in a particular folder to Nisus Writer RTF files. [link]
Arabic Numbers To Indic 2020.09.01
Converts all Arabic numbers (0-9) in the selected text to Indic numbers (٠-٩) or vice versa. [link]
Batch Convert To Plain Text 2020.04.16
Batch converts all documents in a particular folder to plain text files. [link]
Delete Spaces Before Note References 2020.03.17
Scans your document main body text for any footnote/endnote references, and then deletes any space characters found in front of those note references. [link]
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