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Recently Updated Macros:
Find Orphans 2019.02.12
Finds all widows and orphans in a document. Nisus Writer has built-in support for preventing widows and orphans, but some users prefer to edit their text to manually correct them. [link]
Find Nearby Words 2019.01.18
Finds all paragraphs that contain any two words (or phrases) chosen by the user. The macro will only match a paragraph if it contains both desired words, in any order, and with any text between those words. [link]
Styles Delete Unused 2017.07.31
Scans a document for unused styles and deletes them. The macro will ask if you want to delete all unused styles or pick them from a list. [link]
Find in Tracked Changes 2017.07.20
Finds all tracked changes matching some text, which can then be accepted or rejected en masse. [link]
Links Converted For Sandboxing 2017.01.01
This macro will check for any old links using file paths created before sandboxing, and convert them to use bookmark-based sandboxing-aware links. [link]
Apply Normal to Paragraphs Without Styles 2016.12.12
Finds all paragraphs without any paragraph style and applies the paragraph style called "Normal". [link]
Cross References Using Selected Text 2016.11.11
Shows a list of all cross-references using any bookmarks in the selected text. [link]
Redact 2016.11.11
Irreversibly scrambles all text in a document, while generally trying to preserve text layout. Also replaces any images with generic placeholder graphics. [link]
Cross References, Toggle Above-Below Suffixes 2016.11.09
Changes all cross-references in a document so they consistently show or hide their "Above/Below" suffixes. [link]
Image Extractor 2016.09.21
Saves all images in a document to a separate folder on disk. [link]
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