Nisus Software, Inc.

OpenOffice and Nisus Writer Pro

Nisus Writer Pro (versions 1.2 to 2.0 inclusive) use modified OpenOffice code to help with the import/export of certain file formats. Under the OpenOffice license any modified copies of the source code must be published and made available. The source code used by Nisus Writer Pro can be downloaded below.

Modifications Made

The tool built from the modified OpenOffice code listens for file translation requests using Cocoa's Distributed Notification Center. Once a request is detected the normal OpenOffice document objects load the file and resave it using the desired output filter.

Additionally, the code below includes some fixes to OpenOffice's RTF export, which Nisus Writer Pro relies upon to import translated data.


The source code of OpenOffice 3.2 below is copyright Sun Microsystems Inc. (©2000-2010). The use of this source code is subject to all the conditions of the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Downloads Available:

Modified OpenOffice 3.2 source changed files only [200 K] all files [146 MB]