Nisus Software, Inc.

Old Apple Developer Discs

Deep down in the bowels of Nisus Software (past the gnome warrens) we recently came across some old Apple Developer Connection discs. The artwork featured on the covers is sometimes dated and comical, but there's also some real beauty here.

These were interesting for us to look upon after all these years. We hope you enjoy seeing them too!


In this year the painting The Scream was stolen from a museum in Oslo, the world witnessed as a comet impacted Jupiter, and Mac System 7.5 was the new hotness.



We had just a single disc from this year, but it features the much loved Clarus the DogcowMoof!

Apple's Technote 31 says: "There is a life-size picture of a dogcow conveniently located in the Finder ... in all its raging glory."


A very classy Apple.