Pasting text with bullets into email programs

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Pasting text with bullets into email programs

Post by SchoodicMountain » 2018-09-01 10:37:42

Often I write up a note in NWP and then paste parts of it into emails. When I use bullet lists with several levels, clippings do not paste correctly. When I past with a simple command-V I get double bullets (both in Apple Mail and in Airmail 3).

Any suggestions for workarounds? Would a custom bullet list help?

Appreciation for any assistance.

I tried put in some photos below. Not sure it worked.

This is NWP:


This is what I get:


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Re: Pasting text with bullets into email programs

Post by martin » 2018-09-04 09:19:49

Your screenshots from Dropbox didn't appear, but your description of the problem is clear enough.

The cause of this bug is Apple Mail. Or more probably, the problem is an underlying framework like WebKit that is used by Apple Mail (and other apps like Airmail). You can verify this by creating a list in TextEdit, copying it, and pasting it into Apple Mail. You will see the same doubled-up list items. I believe we reported this issue to Apple ages ago, but there's been no fixes forthcoming.

The best workaround in Nisus Writer is to use the menu Edit > Copy > Copy Text Only when you're working with lists. Of course this presupposes that you don't mind if other formatting like fonts and styles are lost.

If you really need formatting to paste intact, but don't want list items to double-up, you could use a macro to "freeze" your list items. Such a macro replaces automatic list item numbers with fixed plain text. I'll attach a macro that freezes all list items in a document.

I hope this helps!
List Items, Freeze.nwm
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