"Save As" bug?

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"Save As" bug?

Post by bassrun » 2018-07-18 11:32:15

I may be encountering a bug in Nisus Writer Pro. I'll modify an existing document, choose “Save As,” and assign a name to the modified document. But when I go back to the original document, it’s now been replaced by the modified document! Am I doing something wrong?? This certainly isn’t the way other Macintosh applications behave. If it is a bug, then has it been fixed in a software update?

I am using Nisus Writer Pro 2.1.8 on a MacBook Air (mid-2013) running OS 10.11.6.

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Re: "Save As" bug?

Post by phspaelti » 2018-07-19 19:33:14

No, this is not a bug. If you want to create a new file from an existing one, keeping the original, I recommend getting in the habit of doing the "Save As" before you start editing.
It may be possible to use "Undo" to restore the original—if you don't have too many edits, and you haven't closed the file yet—but then your files will be reversed, with the changed one under the original name and the original under the new name.
Another option, depending on your back-up set-up might be to use "Revert to last Saved".

You say other mac apps don't do this, but I'm not sure you're right. Apple has basically abandoned the "Save As" command, in favor of "Duplicate". Nisus has "Duplicate" as well, so maybe we should get used to using that instead.

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Re: "Save As" bug?

Post by ScottinPollock » 2018-07-20 08:27:29

Philip is right, this is not a bug, but a "feature" of the OS, and many apps (especially Apple's) behave this way. While I suppose this "versioning" feature is useful for many, I prefer to do my version control manually.

You can prevent the autosave feature from writing to the file by checking "Ask to keep changes when closing documents" in the General pane of System Preferences. You'll still retain the versioning feature, but it will not automatically write the auto-saved changes to the original file when you do a "Save As…".

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Re: "Save As" bug?

Post by Vanceone » 2018-07-20 08:37:08

I'll disagree slightly with phspaelti: this isn't a bug, but it's clearly not what you intended.

What is going on is that Nisus is autosaving your document. When you save as, you are getting your new document, but at the same time the old one has been autosaved (likely just before you issued the "Save as" command). Sometimes this happens to me and I use the "revert to" command which brings up the Time machine style interface. And then I go back to the previous version that way.

Ever since Lion, this is how Mac apps are supposed to work. As Phspaelti says, do the "Save As" first before you edit the old one, or "Duplicate" (though I am not sure the Duplicate command actually duplicates the document... the manual only says it duplicates the window and selects the title of the new window. Nothing about saving the duplicate document)

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