Dubai font

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Dubai font

Post by Hamid »

Dubai gets its own font. The typeface, designed with Microsoft, comes in both Latin and Arabic script, and will be available in 23 languages.
The font, in 4 weights, is available for free to all users worldwide.
Read about the Dubai font and download it from:
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Re: Dubai font

Post by martin »

Thanks for posting this Hamid. I was curious why this font was interesting and found this in their FAQ:
This is the first typeface that is freely available for both private and commercial use with matching Latin and Arabic scripts that are optimized for screen appearance. The number of Arabic fonts that are available today is relatively small, and usually with a cost attached. These fonts will help to cover that gap.
That sounds nice to me!

Although personally I think the font looks rather chunky. At least, for the normal faces/weights. The "light" face looks attractive enough. As someone who writes and uses Arabic text, what do you think of the font?
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