errors when first using InfoClick version 1.2.3

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errors when first using InfoClick version 1.2.3

Post by martin »

We've seen a number of users are encountering errors after first installing InfoClick version 1.2.3. The error message reported most often says that "bookmark data" is invalid. In this case the bookmark is for an email folder on disk; the solution is to reset access to that folder.

Here's what you can do to fix the problem:

1. Open your InfoClick preferences.
2. Remove all folders from the list of email folders.
3. Add back the desired email folders.
4. Wait for indexing to finish.

For more detailed instructions (and some technical background) please see this FAQ entry on how to configure InfoClick.
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Re: errors when first using InfoClick version 1.2.3

Post by agilefalcon »

It's a pity that this wasn't communicated to the users. I installed the new version and it came up with an error like this though I'm not sure it was the same. Once I deleted the folder or file that was there, I couldn't find the correct one to add - many, many folders are available seemingly grouped by a date. The end result was I could no longer use the application and the details that I eventually stumbled across were not in any email or other warnings from Nisus. I had delayed installing the application because of the short warning provided in the upgrade message, then I went ahead and did it with the result that I was down for several days while I hunted for a fix. I've also written to support today due to the frustration with the program.

The FAQ should probably have been in the upgrade message or emailed to the users - just my opinion!

Now that it is working again - I'm good.

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