Every time I do a copy or a paste, Nisus Writer crashes.

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Every time I do a copy or a paste, Nisus Writer crashes.

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This is the current information on the Epson printer (the probable cause of your crash):<BR><BR> The ONLY problem that gives your symptoms, which we know about, is the conflict with, what is now, an older version of the Epson 800, 740 and perhaps some other printer driver (still being shipped with the printer). The latest version, obtainable from their web site, does not have that problem.<BR><BR> Epson has posted a revised driver for the Stylus printer (at last!!!).<BR><BR> For all of those on this list who have been dealing with the German epson site, workarounds, kludges, and crashes, I am happy to report that the new driver appears to function normally with Nisus Writer 5.1.3 operating under OS 8.5.1<BR><BR> The revised driver is available <A HRef="http://www.epson.com/support/styc800.html">here</A>.
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