Why document change shape when I reformat a paragraph?

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Why document change shape when I reformat a paragraph?

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You'll notice that the ruler that governs your paragraph is "named" this means that if you change the formatting of that ruler all paragraphs "governed" by that ruler will also change. <BR><BR> The Nisus New File has a Named Ruler at the top (called "Normal"). <BR><BR> You can insert another Paragraph Ruler (choose the command by that name from the Insert menu) and reformat that. <BR><BR> There are a wide variety of ways to change the shape of paragraphs. You might want to check the Online documentation section: <BR><BR> Creating Documents <BR> Formatting Documents <BR> Working with Paragraphs <BR> Structuring Paragraphs <BR> Maintaining Rulers <BR> <BR> If you feel you are not techincally adept enough for that you might want to use one of the <A HRef="files/NisusNewFile_Alternative.sit.hqx">alternative Nisus New Files</A>. After expanding what you download you can put the folder Nisus New File Alternatives inside the Stationery folder then move the one Nisus New File you want so that it is loose in the Stationery folder: <BR><BR> Nisus Writer 6.0 Folder <BR> Nisus Writer Tools <BR> Stationery <BR> Nisus New File Alternatives <BR> <BR> To learn how you can make your very own Nisus New ("default") File check the page <A HRef="http://www.nisus.com/NisusWriter/Suppor ... php">Whose 'Default' is it Anyway?</A>
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