What is a typesetting error?

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What is a typesetting error?

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When using Nisus Writer, you may rarely receive a warning that an unexpected typesetting error has occurred:
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What is typesetting?
Typesetting is the process by which text and other content are arranged for presentation (eg: for display on a screen, printout, or PDF). This includes calculating line wraps, page breaks, footnote placement, etc. The process can be quite complex, especially in Page View.

Nisus Writer builds around the Mac OS X system text layout engine to accomplish the fundamental parts of typesetting. Sometimes the system layout engine will encounter an error that Nisus Writer can safely catch. In these situations Nisus Writer will present a warning alert and the display of your document on screen may become unstable. However, it is important to remember that your document's underlying content is not affected– only its layout on screen.

What should I do?
The good news is that typesetting errors are usually transitory. If you save the document, close it, and reopen it, everything should be restored successfully. No data should have been lost, and most often the typesetting error will not reoccur. If the error does reoccur, please report it to us for investigation.
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