Screenplay Format (radically updated)

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Screenplay Format (radically updated)

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This is a huge update to my previous screenplay template from 2013. Most notably, you could write a movie in this template and it would convert to Final Draft or Fade In just fine.

This version includes a cover page with prompts and proper industry established page numbering. There are two versions one using Courier Prime (see link below), and one using Courier New which is on your Mac by default. My advice; Courier Prime is way better and it's free.

Tech Notes:

If you have a different version of the Courier font on your computer go into the style sheet and change the font in the Normal paragraph style it will take care of all the other styles. Easy!

I've use the following keyboard shortcut settings for the paragraph styles with great success:

Command-H-S: Scene Heading or Slugline (switches automatically to Action on Carriage Return)
Command-H-A: Action
Command-H-C: Character (switches automatically to Dialogue on Carriage Return)
Command-H-P: Parenthetical (switches automatically to Dialogue on Carriage Return)
Command-H-D: Dialogue
Command-H-T: Transition (switches automatically to Action on Carriage Return)

All the paragraph styles are single spaced, so you'll have to double Carriage Return between the end of an action section and character dialogue section etc. There is a sample scene included in the zip file to show you how it all comes together. It's all very simple.

My screen writing format needs are only a few times a year so this works out really well for me and I get to keep in Nisus. If you're a full time screen writer, I hear wonderful things from screenwriters about Kent Tessman's Fade In software.

Here's the download link for Courier Prime which is available free:

If you download and something doesn't work, let me know via this forum.
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