Stationery Template: Initials

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Stationery Template: Initials

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Attached in ZRTF format, using Hoefler Text, is my template for stationery that highlights one's initials as a logo.

The initials are in a box that is really a 1X1 table. Note that the address, phone number, and e-mail address below the box are in small caps.

I had trouble getting the initials centered in the box, depending on which font I used. Sometimes the initials were centered when I click the center button, most of the time they were not.

Here's one example:

I created a 1X1 table, entered my initials, and then had the table cell fit to the data inside it with the button for vertically centered data clicked. Most times the initials ended up at the top of the box. Sometimes they were centered (not often), and other times they were at the bottom of the box (even less often).

There was an easy work around to get the initials centered at this point: I clicked on the vertical bottom button, which glued the initials to the bottom of the cell — no matter how far from the bottom they were — and then pulled down the bottom border of the cell until the initials were centered. This required eyeing the distance, so the cell is not perfectly centered, as it would be if the program were calculating the distances correctly.

This will probably be the last template I post for a while. I think I have enough stationery templates to last me quite a while. But this exercise has been great practice in using NWP, and I've learned a lot in the last week by creating these templates.
Nisus Template - Initials - Hoefler Text.zrtf
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Re: Stationery Template: Initials

Post by martin »

Thank you for taking the time to post all these!
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