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How to install a new macro

Posted: 2007-04-11 21:33:03
by martin
There are a few ways to install a macro. All of them eventually place a macro file into the Nisus Writer Macros folder. Your Macros folder location can be customized, but it is usually located inside your synchronized settings location or Document Manager folder. All macros located in this special Macros folder (and its subfolders) are automatically and immediately shown on the Nisus Writer menu bar.

Note: if the macro you obtained is contained in a "zip" archive, you will first need to extract it (by double-clicking the archive in the Finder).

Load a macro from inside Nisus Writer
1. In Nisus Writer, choose the menu Macro > Add Macro to Menu from File.
2. In the file dialog, select the macro file and click the "Load Macro" button.

Nisus Writer will copy the file into your Macros folder and the macro should now show on the Macro menu.
Note: when you load a macro this way you do not need to keep the original archive or the extracted macro file.

Add a macro using the Finder
1. Show the Nisus Writer Macros folder, eg: use the menu Macro > Show Macros Folder in Finder.
2. Move (or copy) the macro file to the Macros folder.

Save a macro to the Macros folder
1. Open a macro for editing in Nisus Writer Pro.
2. Use the menu Macro > Save As Macro.
3. The Save dialog will automatically default to the Nisus Writer Macros folder; save the macro to that folder.