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Hide Table Cell Text Overflow--Feature request?

Posted: 2023-11-26 13:42:08
by withoutFeathers
AFAIK Nisus tables don't have a 'hide cell text overflow' feature. At least, I can't find it in the online manual, or in this forum.

I'm finding I want it, because I'm making large tables with research/writing data and they get unwieldy when even a few cells require lots of text. They're hard to read and organise, because only one or two rows will show on the screen due to the forced cell size.

So: ideally Nisus tables could have an option to "Toggle cell text overflow [on/off]" easily accessed while working. It could even be toggled for individual columns or rows. But getting it to toggle for the entire table would be enough and IMO much better than the current state.

Has anyone written a macro that does this? If not, perhaps someone at Nisus could write one?

I think it's a reasonable request. Major apps have done this for years -- Apple Finder, Endnote libraries; I believe MS Excel did it, though I haven't looked at that in a long time.