Sections — Feature Requests

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Sections — Feature Requests

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G'day, Martin et al

We may already have touched on some of this before, but I thought it might be as well to address it again.

I think the idea of having the Macro Language incorporate commands relating to Sections has already been advanced.

Something else I would like to see is a pair of commands named "Copy Section Formatting" and "Paste Section Formatting", analogous to those for Characters and Paragraphs in the Copy menu. They would be used to transfer settings in the Sections Palette Group. The main thing I'm interested in are the settings for the Margins, as they are not simple checkboxes and so are a pain to alter manually. If it were deemed preferable to have commands that dealt only with Margins, the commands might be named "Copy Section Margins" and "Paste Section Margins" instead. I would like these commands to work both within and between documents.

A behavior I would like to see changed relates to the insertion of Section Breaks. Currently, insertion of a Section Break immediately after a hyphen results in deletion of the hyphen. The hyphen should remain where it was.

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