finding invisible hyperlinks

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finding invisible hyperlinks

Post by Erik »

Good afternoon,

Through user error or a copy/paste glitch I have a large document where a number of hyperlinks are now all completely invisible, styled like every other piece of text. They are still there, and still clickable. I'd love some assistance in how to reveal them and/or restore classic hyperlink styling? I assume there is a way using styles, but as I don't have to use them often I really haven't mastered that element of Nisus, and haven't been able to figure out even what search term to use in the documentation to get there. Can somebody lay down a few bread crumbs, or tell me it's impossible?


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Re: finding invisible hyperlinks

Post by martin »

Good morning Erik,

There are many ways you might fix this using Nisus Writer's tools, depending on the exact formatting situation in your document. Let's go over a few workflows.

My first recommendation is for you to use the Formatting Examiner palette. You can select one of these sneaky hyperlinks and look at its exact formatting. It may be that it still has a "Hyperlink" character style applied. If you see such a style, you can maybe simply adjust this style's formatting like so:

1. Switch to your document's style sheet, e.g. use the menu View > Style Sheet.
2. From the list of styles on the left, select the Hyperlink style.
3. Use regular formatting tools (e.g. menus, palettes, etc) to add the desired visible formatting, e.g. blue underline.

Hopefully it's so simple. There is one potential complication: manual formatting that overrides the style. Such formatting may hide the effects of the Hyperlink style. If this is a factor, or your links lack a Hyperlink style, then read on...

The Formatting Examiner palette can help you reformat all the links in your document to set them right no matter what the situation. Here's what I suggest:

1. Select one of the hyperlinks in your document.
2. In the Formatting Examiner, under "Applied Formatting", select the "Link" entry.
3. Right-click to show the contextual menu.
4. Under "Find All" choose the "Select All" command (see the screenshot below).
→ All links are now selected in your document text.
5. Use regular formatting tools (e.g. menus) to normalize the formatting for all selected links as desired. I suggest that you remove any manually applied formatting (e.g. the menu Remove Formatting Except Styles) and ensure that only a single "Hyperlink" character style is applied.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.
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Re: finding invisible hyperlinks

Post by phspaelti »

And here is a macro you can try:
Restore Hyperlink Styling.nwm
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Re: finding invisible hyperlinks

Post by NisusUser »

I just wanted to say that Martin and Philip do a wonderful job of helping people out with Nisus Writer [Pro]. Thank you! And thanks to the many others who often help, too. I follow the forums quite a lot, and am amazed at the stuff folks come up with to help each other use Nisus Writer well. This thread with the answers from Martin and Philip was a good example of what happens frequently here. Way to go!
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