The powers and abilities of lists

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The powers and abilities of lists

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I thought I would post some observations about lists, because this is simple stuff I've overlooked forever.

Lists (bullets, numbered) were always a little bit of a pain because they never looked right until I selected the list and applied a better paragraph style.

For my fellow slow learners who haven't seen this, it's probably a better idea to not use list styles directly. Instead, define a paragraph style, perhaps based on your "normal" or "body" style with the addition of a list style.

Then, when you want a list, don't select the list style, select the paragraph style that turns on the list.

I like spacing between paragraphs so I can use just one return. That goofs up lists, though, adding extra space between list items. With my new list paragraphs, problem solved.

For automatically numbered chapters, set a chapter heading paragraph that invokes a numbered list that continues numbering across the document. Set the next style to "body" or whatever. You can have Books, Acts, Chapter, and Scene numbering all automatic.

Very elementary, I'm sure, but given I missed out on some of the details for, um, six or seven years, I figured I'd post.

Happy writing, all.
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