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InfoClick 1.2.6 released - Apple Silicon support

Posted: 2020-12-22 11:26:30
by martin
This update runs natively on Apple Silicon and includes a handful of bug fixes.
This update is free for all existing users of InfoClick.

Get the Update:
If you purchased from Nisus Software directly (via, you can update in several ways:
• Update from inside the app using the menu InfoClick > Check For Updates.
• Update by downloading the new version from our website.

If you purchased from Apple using the Mac App Store, the update is available through the App Store.

• Runs natively on Apple Silicon.
• Fixed: fails to search links applied in HTML tags.
• Fixed: terms with mixed letters and numbers (eg: "30mm") are incorrectly broken up in CJK text.
• Fixed: emails with malformed UTF-8 text can trigger crashes.
• Fixed: incorrect status display during post-processing.
• Fixed: clicking a linked file in an InfoClick note should not show an alert that permission is denied.
• Fixed: the "Add File Link" button in the InfoClick note editor did not work correctly.
• Switched some icons to system icons.