Why can't my file be saved?

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Why can't my file be saved?

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In rare circumstances you might see an alert that says you do not have permission to save your document:

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This alert may suggest you should fix the file's permissions in the Finder; this is most likely misleading. The problem is more likely caused by a macOS security feature called sandboxing. If system sandboxing is behaving incorrectly it will prevent Nisus Writer from saving files that should be accessible.

As a short term solution you should try to save a copy of the file elsewhere, so you don't lose any unsaved changes:
• Please try using the menu File > Save Copy As.
• If that also fails, a last resort is to copy-paste unsaved text into another app like TextEdit.

After you somehow preserve any unsaved work, you should quit and relaunch Nisus Writer. That may be enough to resolve the problem. If you still have trouble you might reboot your entire Mac.

I continually can't save any files
If the problem is pervasive more drastic steps may be needed to resolve it. If you encounter permission errors for many (or all) of your files, even after rebooting your Mac, you might need to reset permissions and/or sandboxing.

The easiest first step would be to use the First Aid command in Apple's Disk Utility app to check your file system for problems.

If you still encounter file access errors in Nisus Writer you should consider resetting Nisus Writer's sandbox container.