InfoClick to index achieves

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InfoClick to index achieves

Post by TomRitch »

I want to archive old mail, to remove it from my active Mail application, but keep it around for future reference. How well will InfoClick work for this? How should I do it?

I asked in Apple Discussions, and was told the application MailSteward would do what I wanted. I figured InfoClick would be as good. If anyone knows both of these applications, please advise me. What are their relative strengths and weaknesses?

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Re: InfoClick to index achieves

Post by xiamenese »

First of all, because I use GyazMail not Apple Mail, I can't use InfoClick, but I do use MailSteward.

I have been using MailSteward—in fact the 'Pro' version—since 2011 or 2012. At the beginning of a year, I archive all my mails from the previous year in separate year-named archives which I keep on an external disk, though I could merge them all into a single archive. When I've built the archive, I delete those mails from the app.

In all its iterations since I first purchased it, Mail Steward has been solid and reliable, though not exactly pretty. It has extensive filter functions, and I find it very straightforward to use. With GyazMail, I need to export all my mailboxes as Unix mboxes and then import those into Mail Steward, but I *believe* it can be set up to automatically archive from Apple Mail.

I'd recommend Mail Steward, but I leave it to others to make the comparison with InfoClick—I'd give it a try if it worked with GyazMail, but it seems the chances of that happening are minimal, so …


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Re: InfoClick to index achieves

Post by Bob Stern »

Instead of removing your old mail from Apple Mail, you might consider moving it to one or more "On My Mac" mailboxes in Apple Mail. That will prevent it from slowing down your IMAP account, but it will continue to be indexed by Apple Mail and InfoClick. I do not think there is any downside: I have not heard reports that retaining huge amounts of On My Mac mail leads to corruption of the Apple Mail database or slowness of Apple Mail.
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