Attachment won't open from Infoclick

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Attachment won't open from Infoclick

Post by babbling »

Just recently, I have found that twice I've searched for an email on InfoClick.

I then open that email but the attachment is represented by an icon that shows it's yet to download. However, clicking it, or waiting, doesn't do anything.

I had to then revert to Apple Mail search to find the 'original' email. That attachment was there and able to be opened.

Both cases were Word Documents. (In one, there were PDF attachments and they were accessible from InfoClick.)

My set up:
OS X Yosemite 10.10.5
InfoClick 1.2.2
Apple Mail 8.2


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Re: Attachment won't open from Infoclick

Post by martin »

Hello Peter, I'm sorry for the trouble.

What you say is interesting and surprising, because when you double-click an email in InfoClick, it merely asks Apple Mail to open that email. If an attachment is missing or not yet downloaded in the displayed email, that sounds like an issue with Apple Mail. However, what you said about finding the same email in Apple Mail with a complete attachment points to some discrepancy.

Do you have an example email that you might share with us privately? If so, can you please:

1. Use InfoClick to find the problematic email (ie: an email with a missing/partial attachment).
2. Right-click the email in the results list and from the contextual menu choose "Reveal File in Finder".
3. In the Finder, compress/archive the email's .emlx file.
4. Email us the compressed archive.

Thanks for your help!
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