How does autosave work in Nisus Writer Express?

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How does autosave work in Nisus Writer Express?

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Starting with version 2.1, Nisus Writer Pro adopts the standard Auto Save feature provided by Mac OS X.

How does Mac OS X Auto Save work?
The exact scheduling is determined automatically by Mac OS X, but according to Apple's documentation Auto Save saves during pauses in your work. If you work continuously Auto Save is triggered after 5 minutes.

How does the Mac OS X Versions feature work?
The Versions feature provided by Apple records the history of your document as you make changes. The system creates a new version of a document each time you open it and every hour while you’re working on it. You can also create snapshots of your document whenever you like. You can see the various versions of your document by using the menu File > Revert To. You can restore previous versions, or parts of previous versions like text or images, all presented in an interface that is similar to Time Machine.
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